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PWAVFile Member List

This is the complete list of members for PWAVFile, including all inherited members.

Access(const PFilePath &name, OpenMode mode)PFile [static]
Access(OpenMode mode)PFile
AccessDenied enum valuePChannel
autoConvert (defined in PWAVFile)PWAVFile [protected]
autoConverter (defined in PWAVFile)PWAVFile [protected]
BadParameter enum valuePChannel
BufferTooSmall enum valuePChannel
channelName (defined in PChannel)PChannel [protected]
Class()PObject [inline, static]
Clone() const PObject [virtual]
Close()PWAVFile [virtual]
Compare(const PObject &obj) const PFile [virtual]
CompareObjectMemoryDirect(const PObject &obj) const PObject [virtual]
Comparison enum namePObject
Construct() (defined in PWAVFile)PWAVFile [protected]
ConvertOSError(int libcReturnValue, Errors &lastError, int &osError)PChannel [static]
ConvertOSError(int libcReturnValue, ErrorGroup group=LastGeneralError)PChannel [protected, virtual]
Copy(const PFilePath &oldname, const PFilePath &newname, BOOL force=FALSE)PFile [static]
Copy(const PFilePath &newname, BOOL force=FALSE)PFile
Create enum valuePFile
Current enum valuePFile
DenySharedRead enum valuePFile
DenySharedWrite enum valuePFile
DeviceInUse enum valuePChannel
DiskFull enum valuePChannel
End enum valuePFile
EqualTo enum value (defined in PObject)PObject
ErrorGroup enum namePChannel
Errors enum namePChannel
Exclusive enum valuePFile
Exists(const PFilePath &name)PFile [static]
Exists() const PFile
extendedHeader (defined in PWAVFile)PWAVFile
FileExists enum valuePChannel
FilePositionOrigin enum namePFile
FileRead(void *buf, PINDEX len) (defined in PWAVFile)PWAVFile
FileWrite(const void *buf, PINDEX len) (defined in PWAVFile)PWAVFile
fmt_ALaw enum valuePWAVFile
fmt_G722 enum valuePWAVFile
fmt_G723 enum valuePWAVFile
fmt_G726 enum valuePWAVFile
fmt_G728 enum valuePWAVFile
fmt_G729 enum valuePWAVFile
fmt_GSM enum valuePWAVFile
fmt_MSG7231 enum valuePWAVFile
fmt_NotKnown enum value (defined in PWAVFile)PWAVFile
fmt_PCM enum valuePWAVFile
fmt_uLaw enum valuePWAVFile
fmt_VivoG7231 enum valuePWAVFile
format(const PString &format)PWAVFile [static]
format(const PString &format, PFile::OpenMode mode, int opts=PFile::ModeDefault)PWAVFile [static]
formatHandler (defined in PWAVFile)PWAVFile [protected]
G7231_WavFile enum value (defined in PWAVFile)PWAVFile
GenerateHeader() (defined in PWAVFile)PWAVFile [protected]
GetBaseReadChannel() const PChannel [virtual]
GetBaseWriteChannel() const PChannel [virtual]
GetChannels() const PWAVFile [virtual]
GetClass(unsigned=0) const PObject [inline, virtual]
GetDataLength()PWAVFile [virtual]
GetErrorCode(ErrorGroup group=NumErrorGroups) const PChannel
GetErrorNumber(ErrorGroup group=NumErrorGroups) const PChannel
GetErrorText(ErrorGroup group=NumErrorGroups) const PChannel [virtual]
GetErrorText(Errors lastError, int osError=0)PChannel [static]
GetFilePath() const PFile
GetFormat() const PWAVFile [virtual]
GetFormatAsString() const (defined in PWAVFile)PWAVFile [virtual]
GetFormatString() const PWAVFile [inline]
GetHandle() const PChannel
GetHeaderLength() const PWAVFile
GetInfo(const PFilePath &name, PFileInfo &info)PFile [static]
GetInfo(PFileInfo &info)PFile
GetLastReadCount() const PChannel [virtual]
GetLastWriteCount() const PChannel [virtual]
GetLength() const PFile [virtual]
GetName() const PFile [virtual]
GetPosition() const PWAVFile [virtual]
GetReadTimeout() const PChannel
GetSampleRate() const PWAVFile [virtual]
GetSampleSize() const PWAVFile [virtual]
GetWriteTimeout() const PChannel
GreaterThan enum value (defined in PObject)PObject
HashFunction() const PChannel [virtual]
header_needs_updating (defined in PWAVFile)PWAVFile [protected]
InternalIsDescendant(const char *clsName) const PObject [inline, virtual]
Interrupted enum valuePChannel
IsClass(const char *cls) const (defined in PObject)PObject [inline]
IsEndOfFile() const PFile
IsOpen() const PChannel [virtual]
IsValid() const PWAVFile [inline]
isValidWAV (defined in PWAVFile)PWAVFile [protected]
lastErrorCodePChannel [protected]
lastErrorNumberPChannel [protected]
LastGeneralError enum valuePChannel
lastReadCountPChannel [protected]
LastReadError enum valuePChannel
lastWriteCountPChannel [protected]
LastWriteError enum valuePChannel
lenData (defined in PWAVFile)PWAVFile [protected]
lenHeader (defined in PWAVFile)PWAVFile [protected]
LessThan enum value (defined in PObject)PObject
Miscellaneous enum valuePChannel
ModeDefault enum valuePFile
Move(const PFilePath &oldname, const PFilePath &newname, BOOL force=FALSE)PFile [static]
Move(const PFilePath &newname, BOOL force=FALSE)PFile
MustExist enum valuePFile
NoError enum value (defined in PChannel)PChannel
NoMemory enum valuePChannel
NotFound enum valuePChannel
NotOpen enum valuePChannel
NumErrorGroups enum value (defined in PChannel)PChannel
NumNormalisedErrors enum value (defined in PChannel)PChannel
OnReadComplete(void *buf, PINDEX len)PChannel [virtual]
OnWriteComplete(const void *buf, PINDEX len)PChannel [virtual]
Open(OpenMode mode=ReadWrite, int opts=ModeDefault)PWAVFile [virtual]
Open(const PFilePath &name, OpenMode mode=ReadWrite, int opts=ModeDefault)PWAVFile [virtual]
OpenMode enum namePFile
OpenOptions enum namePFile
operator!=(const PObject &obj) const PObject [inline]
operator<(const PObject &obj) const PObject [inline]
operator<<(ostream &strm, const PObject &obj)PObject [friend]
operator<=(const PObject &obj) const PObject [inline]
operator=(const PChannel &) (defined in PChannel)PChannel [protected]
operator==(const PObject &obj) const PObject [inline]
operator>(const PObject &obj) const PObject [inline]
operator>=(const PObject &obj) const PObject [inline]
operator>>(istream &strm, PObject &obj)PObject [friend]
os_handlePChannel [protected]
pathPFile [protected]
PChannel(const PChannel &) (defined in PChannel)PChannel [protected]
PCLASSINFO(PWAVFile, PFile) (defined in PWAVFile)PWAVFile [private]
PCM_WavFile enum value (defined in PWAVFile)PWAVFile
PFile(OpenMode mode, int opts=ModeDefault)PFile
PFile(const PFilePath &name, OpenMode mode=ReadWrite, int opts=ModeDefault)PFile
PObject()PObject [inline, protected]
PrintOn(ostream &strm) const PObject [virtual]
ProcessHeader() (defined in PWAVFile)PWAVFile [protected]
ProtocolFailure enum valuePChannel
PWAVFile(unsigned format=fmt_PCM)PWAVFile
PWAVFile(OpenMode mode, int opts=ModeDefault, unsigned format=fmt_PCM)PWAVFile
PWAVFile(const PFilePath &name, OpenMode mode=ReadWrite, int opts=ModeDefault, unsigned format=fmt_PCM)PWAVFile
PWAVFile(const PString &format, const PFilePath &name, OpenMode mode=PFile::ReadWrite, int opts=PFile::ModeDefault)PWAVFile
PWAVFileConverter (defined in PWAVFile)PWAVFile [friend]
px_lastBlockType (defined in PChannel)PChannel [protected]
px_readThread (defined in PChannel)PChannel [protected]
px_selectMutex (defined in PChannel)PChannel [protected]
px_selectThread (defined in PChannel)PChannel [protected]
px_threadMutex (defined in PChannel)PChannel [protected]
px_writeMutex (defined in PChannel)PChannel [protected]
px_writeThread (defined in PChannel)PChannel [protected]
PXAcceptBlock enum value (defined in PChannel)PChannel
PXBlockType enum name (defined in PChannel)PChannel
PXClose() (defined in PChannel)PChannel [protected]
PXConnectBlock enum value (defined in PChannel)PChannel
PXReadBlock enum value (defined in PChannel)PChannel
PXSetIOBlock(PXBlockType type, const PTimeInterval &timeout) (defined in PChannel)PChannel [protected]
PXWriteBlock enum value (defined in PChannel)PChannel
RawGetDataLength() (defined in PWAVFile)PWAVFile
RawGetPosition() const (defined in PWAVFile)PWAVFile
RawRead(void *buf, PINDEX len) (defined in PWAVFile)PWAVFile
RawSetPosition(off_t pos, FilePositionOrigin origin) (defined in PWAVFile)PWAVFile
RawWrite(const void *buf, PINDEX len) (defined in PWAVFile)PWAVFile
Read(void *buf, PINDEX len)PWAVFile [virtual]
PChannel::Read(const VectorOfSlice &slices)PChannel [virtual]
ReadAsync(void *buf, PINDEX len)PChannel [virtual]
ReadBlock(void *buf, PINDEX len)PChannel
ReadChar()PChannel [virtual]
ReadCharWithTimeout(PTimeInterval &timeout)PChannel [protected]
ReadFrom(istream &strm)PObject [virtual]
ReadOnly enum valuePFile
ReadString(PINDEX len)PChannel
readTimeoutPChannel [protected]
ReadWrite enum valuePFile
ReceiveCommandString(int nextChar, const PString &reply, PINDEX &pos, PINDEX start) (defined in PChannel)PChannel [protected]
Remove(const PFilePath &name, BOOL force=FALSE)PFile [static]
Remove(BOOL force=FALSE)PFile
removeOnClosePFile [protected]
Rename(const PFilePath &oldname, const PString &newname, BOOL force=FALSE)PFile [static]
Rename(const PString &newname, BOOL force=FALSE)PFile
SelectFormat(unsigned fmt) (defined in PWAVFile)PWAVFile [protected]
SelectFormat(const PString &format) (defined in PWAVFile)PWAVFile [protected]
SendCommandString(const PString &command)PChannel
SetBufferSize(PINDEX newSize)PChannel
SetChannels(unsigned v) (defined in PWAVFile)PWAVFile [virtual]
SetErrorValues(Errors errorCode, int osError, ErrorGroup group=LastGeneralError)PChannel [protected]
SetFilePath(const PString &path)PFile
SetFormat(unsigned fmt)PWAVFile [virtual]
SetFormat(const PString &format) (defined in PWAVFile)PWAVFile [virtual]
SetLastReadCount(PINDEX v) (defined in PWAVFile)PWAVFile [inline]
SetLength(off_t len)PFile [virtual]
SetPermissions(const PFilePath &name, int permissions)PFile [static]
SetPermissions(int permissions)PFile
SetPosition(off_t pos, FilePositionOrigin origin=Start)PWAVFile [virtual]
SetReadTimeout(const PTimeInterval &time)PChannel
SetSampleRate(unsigned v) (defined in PWAVFile)PWAVFile [virtual]
SetSampleSize(unsigned v) (defined in PWAVFile)PWAVFile [virtual]
SetWriteTimeout(const PTimeInterval &time)PChannel
Shutdown(ShutdownValue option)PChannel [virtual]
ShutdownRead enum value (defined in PChannel)PChannel
ShutdownReadAndWrite enum value (defined in PChannel)PChannel
ShutdownValue enum name (defined in PChannel)PChannel
ShutdownWrite enum value (defined in PChannel)PChannel
Start enum valuePFile
Temporary enum valuePFile
Timeout enum valuePChannel
Truncate enum valuePFile
UpdateHeader() (defined in PWAVFile)PWAVFile [protected]
VectorOfSlice typedef (defined in PChannel)PChannel
wavFmtChunk (defined in PWAVFile)PWAVFile
wavHeaderData (defined in PWAVFile)PWAVFile [protected]
Write(const void *buf, PINDEX len)PWAVFile [virtual]
PChannel::Write(const VectorOfSlice &slices)PChannel [virtual]
WriteAsync(const void *buf, PINDEX len)PChannel [virtual]
WriteChar(int c)PChannel
WriteOnly enum valuePFile
WriteString(const PString &str)PChannel
writeTimeoutPChannel [protected]
~PObject() (defined in PObject)PObject [inline, virtual]

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