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void PTelnetSocket::OnSubOption ( BYTE  code,
const BYTE *  info,
PINDEX  len 
) [protected, virtual]

This callback function is called by the system when it receives a sub-option command from the remote system.

code  Option code for sub-option data.
info  Extra information being sent in the sub-option.
len  Number of extra bytes.

Definition at line 894 of file telnet.cxx.

References PString::GetLength(), SendSubOption(), SubOptionIs, SubOptionSend, TerminalSpeed, and TerminalType.

Referenced by Read().

  PTelnetError << "OnSubOption " << GetTELNETOptionName(code)
               << " of " << len << " bytes." << endl;
  switch (code) {
    case TerminalType :
      if (*info == SubOptionSend)
                          terminalType, terminalType.GetLength(), SubOptionIs);

    case TerminalSpeed :
      if (*info == SubOptionSend) {
        static BYTE defSpeed[] = "38400,38400";

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