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PRemoteConnection Class Reference

#include <remconn.h>

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Detailed Description

Remote Access Connection class.

Definition at line 106 of file remconn.h.

Comparison functions

enum  Comparison { LessThan = -1, EqualTo = 0, GreaterThan = 1 }
virtual Comparison CompareObjectMemoryDirect (const PObject &obj) const
bool operator!= (const PObject &obj) const
bool operator< (const PObject &obj) const
bool operator<= (const PObject &obj) const
bool operator== (const PObject &obj) const
bool operator> (const PObject &obj) const
bool operator>= (const PObject &obj) const

Error/Status functions

enum  Status {
  Idle, Connected, InProgress, LineBusy,
  NoDialTone, NoAnswer, PortInUse, NoNameOrNumber,
  AccessDenied, HardwareFailure, GeneralFailure, ConnectionLost,
  NotInstalled, NumStatuses
 Status codes for remote connection. More...
DWORD GetErrorCode () const
Status GetStatus () const

Information functions

PString GetAddress ()
const PStringGetName () const
static PStringArray GetAvailableNames ()

Run Time Type functions

virtual const char * GetClass (unsigned=0) const
virtual BOOL InternalIsDescendant (const char *clsName) const
BOOL IsClass (const char *cls) const
static const char * Class ()

Configuration functions

Status GetConfiguration (Configuration &config)
Status SetConfiguration (const Configuration &config, BOOL create=FALSE)
static Status GetConfiguration (const PString &name, Configuration &config)
static Status RemoveConfiguration (const PString &name)
static Status SetConfiguration (const PString &name, const Configuration &config, BOOL create=FALSE)

I/O functions

virtual void PrintOn (ostream &strm) const
virtual void ReadFrom (istream &strm)
ostream & operator<< (ostream &strm, const PObject &obj)
istream & operator>> (istream &strm, PObject &obj)

Public Member Functions

Miscellaneous functions
virtual PObjectClone () const
Dial/Hangup functions
void Close ()
BOOL Open (const PString &name, const PString &username, const PString &password, BOOL existing=FALSE)
BOOL Open (const PString &name, BOOL existing=FALSE)
BOOL Open (BOOL existing=FALSE)
Overrides from class PObject
virtual Comparison Compare (const PObject &obj) const
virtual PINDEX HashFunction () const
 PRemoteConnection (const PString &name)
 PRemoteConnection ()
 Create a new remote connection.
 ~PRemoteConnection ()
 Disconnect remote connection.

Protected Attributes

PString deviceStr
DWORD osError
PString password
PString pppDeviceName
PString remoteName
Status status
PString userName
BOOL wasConnected

Private Member Functions

void Construct ()
void operator= (const PRemoteConnection &)
 PCLASSINFO (PRemoteConnection, PObject)
 PRemoteConnection (const PRemoteConnection &)


struct  Configuration
 Structure for a RAS configuration. More...

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