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PProcess Member List

This is the complete list of members for PProcess, including all inherited members.

_main(void *arg=NULL) (defined in PProcess)PProcess [virtual]
_PXShowSystemWarning(PINDEX code, const PString &str) (defined in PProcess)PProcess [protected, virtual]
AlphaCode enum valuePProcess
arguments (defined in PProcess)PProcess [private]
AutoDeleteFlag enum namePThread
AutoDeleteThread enum valuePThread
BetaCode enum valuePProcess
buildNumber (defined in PProcess)PProcess [private]
Class()PObject [inline, static]
Clone() const PObject [virtual]
CodeStatus enum namePProcess
CommonConstruct() (defined in PProcess)PProcess [protected]
CommonDestruct() (defined in PProcess)PProcess [protected]
Compare(const PObject &obj) const PProcess [virtual]
CompareObjectMemoryDirect(const PObject &obj) const PObject [virtual]
Comparison enum namePObject
configFiles (defined in PProcess)PProcess [protected]
configurationPaths (defined in PProcess)PProcess [private]
Construct() (defined in PProcess)PProcess [private]
Create(const PNotifier &notifier, INT parameter=0, AutoDeleteFlag deletion=AutoDeleteThread, Priority priorityLevel=NormalPriority, const PString &threadName=PString::Empty(), PINDEX stackSize=10000)PThread [static]
CreateConfigFilesDictionary() (defined in PProcess)PProcess [protected]
Current()PProcess [static]
EqualTo enum value (defined in PObject)PObject
executableFile (defined in PProcess)PProcess [private]
GetClass(unsigned=0) const PObject [inline, virtual]
GetCurrentThreadId() (defined in PThread)PThread [static]
GetFile() const PProcess
GetGroupName() const PProcess
GetManufacturer() const PProcess [virtual]
GetMaxHandles() const PProcess
GetName() const PProcess [virtual]
GetOSClass()PProcess [static]
GetOSConfigDir()PProcess [static]
GetOSHardware()PProcess [static]
GetOSName()PProcess [static]
GetOSVersion()PProcess [static]
GetPriority() const PThread [virtual]
GetProcessID() const PProcess
GetStartTime() const (defined in PProcess)PProcess
GetTerminationValue() const PProcess
GetThreadId() const PThread [virtual]
GetThreadName() const PProcess [virtual]
GetTimerList() (defined in PProcess)PProcess
GetUserName() const PProcess
GetVersion(BOOL full=TRUE) const PProcess [virtual]
GreaterThan enum value (defined in PObject)PObject
HashFunction() const PObject [virtual]
HighestPriority enum valuePThread
HighPriority enum valuePThread
InitialiseProcessThread() (defined in PThread)PThread [protected]
InternalIsDescendant(const char *clsName) const PObject [inline, virtual]
ioBlocks (defined in PProcess)PProcess [protected]
IsClass(const char *cls) const (defined in PObject)PObject [inline]
IsInitialised()PProcess [static]
IsSuspended() const PThread [virtual]
IsTerminated() const PThread [virtual]
LessThan enum value (defined in PObject)PObject
LowestPriority enum valuePThread
LowPriority enum valuePThread
Main()=0PThread [pure virtual]
majorVersion (defined in PProcess)PProcess [private]
manufacturer (defined in PProcess)PProcess [private]
maxHandles (defined in PProcess)PProcess [private]
minorVersion (defined in PProcess)PProcess [private]
NoAutoDeleteThread enum valuePThread
NormalPriority enum valuePThread
NumCodeStatuses enum value (defined in PProcess)PProcess
NumPriorities enum value (defined in PThread)PThread
operator!=(const PObject &obj) const PObject [inline]
operator<(const PObject &obj) const PObject [inline]
operator<<(ostream &strm, const PObject &obj)PObject [friend]
operator<=(const PObject &obj) const PObject [inline]
operator==(const PObject &obj) const PObject [inline]
operator>(const PObject &obj) const PObject [inline]
operator>=(const PObject &obj) const PObject [inline]
operator>>(istream &strm, PObject &obj)PObject [friend]
p_argc (defined in PProcess)PProcess [private, static]
p_argv (defined in PProcess)PProcess [private, static]
p_envp (defined in PProcess)PProcess [private, static]
PApplication (defined in PProcess)PProcess [friend]
PCLASSINFO(PProcess, PThread) (defined in PProcess)PProcess [private]
PDICTIONARY(PXFdDict, POrdinalKey, PThread) (defined in PProcess)PProcess [private]
PHouseKeepingThread (defined in PProcess)PProcess [friend]
PObject()PObject [inline, protected]
PProcess(const char *manuf="", const char *name="", WORD majorVersion=1, WORD minorVersion=0, CodeStatus status=ReleaseCode, WORD buildNumber=1)PProcess
PreInitialise(int argc, char **argv, char **envp) (defined in PProcess)PProcess [static]
PreShutdown() (defined in PProcess)PProcess [static]
PrintOn(ostream &strm) const PThread [virtual]
Priority enum namePThread
productName (defined in PProcess)PProcess [private]
programStartTime (defined in PProcess)PProcess [private]
PServiceProcess (defined in PProcess)PProcess [friend]
PThread (defined in PProcess)PProcess [friend]
PThread::PThread(PINDEX, AutoDeleteFlag deletion=AutoDeleteThread, Priority priorityLevel=NormalPriority, const PString &threadName=PString::Empty())PThread
PTrace::Block (defined in PThread)PThread [friend]
PXAbortBlock() const (defined in PThread)PThread
PXAbortIOBlock(int fd) (defined in PProcess)PProcess
PXBlockOnChildTerminate(int pid, const PTimeInterval &timeout) (defined in PThread)PThread
PXBlockOnIO(int handle, int type, const PTimeInterval &timeout) (defined in PThread)PThread
PXCheckSignals() (defined in PProcess)PProcess
PXGetArgc() const (defined in PProcess)PProcess [inline]
PXGetArgv() const (defined in PProcess)PProcess [inline]
PXGetEnvp() const (defined in PProcess)PProcess [inline]
PXGetHomeDir() (defined in PProcess)PProcess
PXOnAsyncSignal(int) (defined in PProcess)PProcess [virtual]
PXOnSignal(int) (defined in PProcess)PProcess [virtual]
PXShowSystemWarning(PINDEX code) (defined in PProcess)PProcess [static]
PXShowSystemWarning(PINDEX code, const PString &str) (defined in PProcess)PProcess [static]
PXSigHandler (defined in PProcess)PProcess [friend]
PXSignalHandler (defined in PProcess)PProcess [friend]
pxSignals (defined in PProcess)PProcess [protected]
ReadFrom(istream &strm)PObject [virtual]
ReleaseCode enum valuePProcess
Restart()PThread [virtual]
Resume()PThread [virtual]
SetAutoDelete(AutoDeleteFlag deletion=AutoDeleteThread)PThread [virtual]
SetConfigurationPath(const PString &path)PProcess
SetGroupName(const PString &groupname, BOOL permanent=FALSE)PProcess
SetMaxHandles(int newLimit)PProcess
SetNoAutoDelete()PThread [inline]
SetPriority(Priority priorityLevel)PThread [virtual]
SetTerminationValue(int value)PProcess
SetThreadName(const PString &name)PProcess [virtual]
SetUserName(const PString &username, BOOL permanent=FALSE)PProcess
Sleep(const PTimeInterval &delay)PThread [static]
status (defined in PProcess)PProcess [private]
Suspend(BOOL susp=TRUE)PThread [virtual]
Terminate()PProcess [virtual]
terminationValue (defined in PProcess)PProcess [private]
timers (defined in PProcess)PProcess [private]
WaitForTermination() const PThread
WaitForTermination(const PTimeInterval &maxWait) const PThread
Yield()PThread [static]
~PObject() (defined in PObject)PObject [inline, virtual]
~PProcess() (defined in PProcess)PProcess

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