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BOOL PIndirectChannel::Shutdown ( ShutdownValue  option  )  [virtual, inherited]

Close one or both of the data streams associated with a channel.

The behavour here is to pass the shutdown on to its read and write channels.

TRUE if the shutdown was successfully performed.
option  Flag for shut down of read, write or both.

Reimplemented from PChannel.

Reimplemented in PSSLChannel.

Definition at line 860 of file pchannel.cxx.

  PReadWaitAndSignal mutex(channelPointerMutex);

  if (readChannel != NULL && readChannel == writeChannel)
    return readChannel->Shutdown(value);

  BOOL returnValue = readChannel != NULL ? readChannel->Shutdown(value) : FALSE;

  if (writeChannel != NULL)
    returnValue = writeChannel->Shutdown(value) || returnValue;

  return returnValue;

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