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PFTPClient Member List

This is the complete list of members for PFTPClient, including all inherited members.

ABOR enum value (defined in PFTP)PFTP
Accept(PSocket &listener)PInternetProtocol [virtual]
AccessDenied enum valuePChannel
ACCT enum value (defined in PFTP)PFTP
ALLO enum value (defined in PFTP)PFTP
APPE enum value (defined in PFTP)PFTP
ASCII enum value (defined in PFTP)PFTP
BadParameter enum valuePChannel
BufferTooSmall enum valuePChannel
CDUP enum value (defined in PFTP)PFTP
ChangeDirectory(const PString &dirPath)PFTPClient
channelName (defined in PChannel)PChannel [protected]
channelPointerMutexPIndirectChannel [protected]
Class()PObject [inline, static]
Clone() const PObject [virtual]
Close()PFTPClient [virtual]
commandNames (defined in PInternetProtocol)PInternetProtocol [protected]
Commands enum namePFTP
Compare(const PObject &obj) const PIndirectChannel [virtual]
CompareObjectMemoryDirect(const PObject &obj) const PObject [virtual]
Comparison enum namePObject
Connect(const PString &address, WORD port=0)PInternetProtocol [virtual]
Connect(const PString &address, const PString &service)PInternetProtocol [virtual]
ConvertOSError(int libcReturnValue, Errors &lastError, int &osError)PChannel [static]
ConvertOSError(int libcReturnValue, ErrorGroup group=LastGeneralError)PChannel [protected, virtual]
CWD enum value (defined in PFTP)PFTP
DataChannelType enum namePFTP
defaultServiceName (defined in PInternetProtocol)PInternetProtocol [protected]
DELE enum value (defined in PFTP)PFTP
DetailedNames enum value (defined in PFTP)PFTP
DeviceInUse enum valuePChannel
DiskFull enum valuePChannel
DontStuff enum value (defined in PInternetProtocol)PInternetProtocol [protected]
EBCDIC enum value (defined in PFTP)PFTP
EqualTo enum value (defined in PObject)PObject
ErrorGroup enum namePChannel
Errors enum namePChannel
ExecuteCommand(PINDEX cmdNumber)PInternetProtocol [virtual]
ExecuteCommand(PINDEX cmdNumber, const PString &param)PInternetProtocol [virtual]
FileExists enum valuePChannel
GetBaseReadChannel() const PIndirectChannel [virtual]
GetBaseWriteChannel() const PIndirectChannel [virtual]
GetClass(unsigned=0) const PObject [inline, virtual]
GetDefaultService() const PInternetProtocol
GetDirectoryNames(NameTypes type=ShortNames, DataChannelType channel=Passive)PFTPClient
GetDirectoryNames(const PString &path, NameTypes type=ShortNames, DataChannelType channel=Passive)PFTPClient
GetErrorCode(ErrorGroup group=NumErrorGroups) const PChannel
GetErrorNumber(ErrorGroup group=NumErrorGroups) const PChannel
GetErrorText(ErrorGroup group=NumErrorGroups) const PIndirectChannel [virtual]
PChannel::GetErrorText(Errors lastError, int osError=0)PChannel [static]
GetFile(const PString &filename, DataChannelType channel=NormalPort)PFTPClient
GetFileStatus(const PString &path, DataChannelType channel=Passive)PFTPClient
GetHandle() const PChannel
GetLastReadCount() const PChannel [virtual]
GetLastResponseCode() const PInternetProtocol
GetLastResponseInfo() const PInternetProtocol
GetLastWriteCount() const PChannel [virtual]
GetName() const PIndirectChannel [virtual]
GetReadChannel() const PIndirectChannel
GetReadTimeout() const PChannel
GetSocket() const PInternetProtocol
GetWriteChannel() const PIndirectChannel
GetWriteTimeout() const PChannel
GreaterThan enum value (defined in PObject)PObject
HashFunction() const PChannel [virtual]
HELP enum value (defined in PFTP)PFTP
Image enum value (defined in PFTP)PFTP
InternalIsDescendant(const char *clsName) const PObject [inline, virtual]
Interrupted enum valuePChannel
IsClass(const char *cls) const (defined in PObject)PObject [inline]
IsOpen() const PIndirectChannel [virtual]
lastErrorCodePChannel [protected]
lastErrorNumberPChannel [protected]
LastGeneralError enum valuePChannel
lastReadCountPChannel [protected]
LastReadError enum valuePChannel
lastResponseCode (defined in PInternetProtocol)PInternetProtocol [protected]
lastResponseInfo (defined in PInternetProtocol)PInternetProtocol [protected]
lastWriteCountPChannel [protected]
LastWriteError enum valuePChannel
LessThan enum value (defined in PObject)PObject
LIST enum value (defined in PFTP)PFTP
LogIn(const PString &username, const PString &password)PFTPClient
Miscellaneous enum valuePChannel
MKD enum value (defined in PFTP)PFTP
MODE enum value (defined in PFTP)PFTP
NameTypes enum namePFTP
newLineToCRLF (defined in PInternetProtocol)PInternetProtocol [protected]
NLST enum value (defined in PFTP)PFTP
NoError enum value (defined in PChannel)PChannel
NoMemory enum valuePChannel
NOOP enum value (defined in PFTP)PFTP
NormalClientTransfer(Commands cmd, const PString &args) (defined in PFTPClient)PFTPClient [protected]
NormalPort enum value (defined in PFTP)PFTP
NotFound enum valuePChannel
NotOpen enum valuePChannel
NumCommands enum value (defined in PFTP)PFTP
NumErrorGroups enum value (defined in PChannel)PChannel
NumNormalisedErrors enum value (defined in PChannel)PChannel
OnOpen()PFTPClient [protected, virtual]
OnReadComplete(void *buf, PINDEX len)PChannel [virtual]
OnWriteComplete(const void *buf, PINDEX len)PChannel [virtual]
Open(PChannel &channel)PIndirectChannel
Open(PChannel *channel, BOOL autoDelete=TRUE)PIndirectChannel
Open(PChannel *readChannel, PChannel *writeChannel, BOOL autoDeleteRead=TRUE, BOOL autoDeleteWrite=TRUE)PIndirectChannel
operator!=(const PObject &obj) const PObject [inline]
operator<(const PObject &obj) const PObject [inline]
operator<<(ostream &strm, const PObject &obj)PObject [friend]
operator<=(const PObject &obj) const PObject [inline]
operator=(const PChannel &) (defined in PChannel)PChannel [protected]
operator==(const PObject &obj) const PObject [inline]
operator>(const PObject &obj) const PObject [inline]
operator>=(const PObject &obj) const PObject [inline]
operator>>(istream &strm, PObject &obj)PObject [friend]
os_handlePChannel [protected]
ParseResponse(const PString &line)PInternetProtocol [protected, virtual]
PASS enum value (defined in PFTP)PFTP
Passive enum value (defined in PFTP)PFTP
PassiveClientTransfer(Commands cmd, const PString &args) (defined in PFTPClient)PFTPClient [protected]
PASV enum value (defined in PFTP)PFTP
PChannel(const PChannel &) (defined in PChannel)PChannel [protected]
PCLASSINFO(PFTPClient, PFTP) (defined in PFTPClient)PFTPClient [private]
PFTP()PFTP [protected]
PInternetProtocol(const char *defaultServiceName, PINDEX cmdCount, char const *const *cmdNames)PInternetProtocol [protected]
PObject()PObject [inline, protected]
PORT enum value (defined in PFTP)PFTP
PrintOn(ostream &strm) const PObject [virtual]
ProtocolFailure enum valuePChannel
PutFile(const PString &filename, DataChannelType channel=NormalPort)PFTPClient
PWD enum value (defined in PFTP)PFTP
px_lastBlockType (defined in PChannel)PChannel [protected]
px_readThread (defined in PChannel)PChannel [protected]
px_selectMutex (defined in PChannel)PChannel [protected]
px_selectThread (defined in PChannel)PChannel [protected]
px_threadMutex (defined in PChannel)PChannel [protected]
px_writeMutex (defined in PChannel)PChannel [protected]
px_writeThread (defined in PChannel)PChannel [protected]
PXAcceptBlock enum value (defined in PChannel)PChannel
PXBlockType enum name (defined in PChannel)PChannel
PXClose() (defined in PChannel)PChannel [protected]
PXConnectBlock enum value (defined in PChannel)PChannel
PXReadBlock enum value (defined in PChannel)PChannel
PXSetIOBlock(PXBlockType type, const PTimeInterval &timeout) (defined in PChannel)PChannel [protected]
PXWriteBlock enum value (defined in PChannel)PChannel
QUIT enum value (defined in PFTP)PFTP
Read(void *buf, PINDEX len)PInternetProtocol [virtual]
PChannel::Read(const VectorOfSlice &slices)PChannel [virtual]
ReadAsync(void *buf, PINDEX len)PChannel [virtual]
readAutoDeletePIndirectChannel [protected]
ReadBlock(void *buf, PINDEX len)PChannel
readChannelPIndirectChannel [protected]
ReadChar()PChannel [virtual]
ReadCharWithTimeout(PTimeInterval &timeout)PChannel [protected]
ReadCommand(PINDEX &num, PString &args)PInternetProtocol [virtual]
ReadFrom(istream &strm)PObject [virtual]
ReadLine(PString &line, BOOL allowContinuation=FALSE)PInternetProtocol [virtual]
readLineTimeout (defined in PInternetProtocol)PInternetProtocol [protected]
ReadResponse()PInternetProtocol [virtual]
ReadResponse(int &code, PString &info)PInternetProtocol [virtual]
ReadString(PINDEX len)PChannel
readTimeoutPChannel [protected]
ReceiveCommandString(int nextChar, const PString &reply, PINDEX &pos, PINDEX start) (defined in PChannel)PChannel [protected]
REIN enum value (defined in PFTP)PFTP
remotePortPFTPClient [protected]
RepresentationType enum namePFTP
REST enum value (defined in PFTP)PFTP
RETR enum value (defined in PFTP)PFTP
RMD enum value (defined in PFTP)PFTP
RNFR enum value (defined in PFTP)PFTP
RNTO enum value (defined in PFTP)PFTP
SendCommandString(const PString &command)PChannel
SendPORT(const PIPSocket::Address &addr, WORD port)PFTP
SetBufferSize(PINDEX newSize)PChannel
SetErrorValues(Errors errorCode, int osError, ErrorGroup group=LastGeneralError)PChannel [protected]
SetReadChannel(PChannel *channel, BOOL autoDelete=TRUE)PIndirectChannel
SetReadLineTimeout(const PTimeInterval &t)PInternetProtocol
SetReadTimeout(const PTimeInterval &time)PChannel
SetType(RepresentationType type)PFTPClient
SetWriteChannel(PChannel *channel, BOOL autoDelete=TRUE)PIndirectChannel
SetWriteTimeout(const PTimeInterval &time)PChannel
ShortNames enum value (defined in PFTP)PFTP
Shutdown(ShutdownValue option)PIndirectChannel [virtual]
ShutdownRead enum value (defined in PChannel)PChannel
ShutdownReadAndWrite enum value (defined in PChannel)PChannel
ShutdownValue enum name (defined in PChannel)PChannel
ShutdownWrite enum value (defined in PChannel)PChannel
SITE enum value (defined in PFTP)PFTP
SMNT enum value (defined in PFTP)PFTP
STATcmd enum value (defined in PFTP)PFTP
STOR enum value (defined in PFTP)PFTP
STOU enum value (defined in PFTP)PFTP
STRU enum value (defined in PFTP)PFTP
StuffCR enum value (defined in PInternetProtocol)PInternetProtocol [protected]
StuffCRLF enum value (defined in PInternetProtocol)PInternetProtocol [protected]
StuffCRLFdot enum value (defined in PInternetProtocol)PInternetProtocol [protected]
StuffCRLFdotCR enum value (defined in PInternetProtocol)PInternetProtocol [protected]
StuffIdle enum value (defined in PInternetProtocol)PInternetProtocol [protected]
stuffingState (defined in PInternetProtocol)PInternetProtocol [protected]
StuffState enum name (defined in PInternetProtocol)PInternetProtocol [protected]
SYST enum value (defined in PFTP)PFTP
Timeout enum valuePChannel
TYPE enum value (defined in PFTP)PFTP
UnRead(int ch)PInternetProtocol [virtual]
UnRead(const PString &str)PInternetProtocol [virtual]
UnRead(const void *buffer, PINDEX len)PInternetProtocol [virtual]
unReadBuffer (defined in PInternetProtocol)PInternetProtocol [protected]
unReadCount (defined in PInternetProtocol)PInternetProtocol [protected]
USER enum value (defined in PFTP)PFTP
VectorOfSlice typedef (defined in PChannel)PChannel
Write(const void *buf, PINDEX len)PInternetProtocol [virtual]
PChannel::Write(const VectorOfSlice &slices)PChannel [virtual]
WriteAsync(const void *buf, PINDEX len)PChannel [virtual]
writeAutoDeletePIndirectChannel [protected]
writeChannelPIndirectChannel [protected]
WriteChar(int c)PChannel
WriteCommand(PINDEX cmdNumber)PInternetProtocol [virtual]
WriteCommand(PINDEX cmdNumber, const PString &param)PInternetProtocol [virtual]
WriteLine(const PString &line)PInternetProtocol [virtual]
WriteResponse(unsigned numericCode, const PString &info)PInternetProtocol [virtual]
WriteResponse(const PString &code, const PString &info)PInternetProtocol [virtual]
WriteString(const PString &str)PChannel
writeTimeoutPChannel [protected]
~PObject() (defined in PObject)PObject [inline, virtual]

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