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PEthSocket Member List

This is the complete list of members for PEthSocket, including all inherited members.

Accept(PSocket &socket)PSocket [virtual]
AccessDenied enum valuePChannel
AddressIsExclusive enum value (defined in PSocket)PSocket
BadParameter enum valuePChannel
BufferTooSmall enum valuePChannel
CanReuseAddress enum value (defined in PSocket)PSocket
channelName (defined in PChannel)PChannel [protected]
Class()PObject [inline, static]
Clone() const PObject [virtual]
Close()PEthSocket [virtual]
Compare(const PObject &obj) const PChannel [virtual]
CompareObjectMemoryDirect(const PObject &obj) const PObject [virtual]
Comparison enum namePObject
Connect(const PString &address)PEthSocket [virtual]
ConvertOSError(int libcReturnValue, Errors &lastError, int &osError)PChannel [static]
ConvertOSError(int libcReturnValue, ErrorGroup group=LastGeneralError)PChannel [protected, virtual]
DeviceInUse enum valuePChannel
DiskFull enum valuePChannel
EnumInterfaces(PINDEX idx, PString &name)PEthSocket
EnumIpAddress(PINDEX idx, PIPSocket::Address &addr, PIPSocket::Address &netMask)PEthSocket
EqualTo enum value (defined in PObject)PObject
ErrorGroup enum namePChannel
Errors enum namePChannel
EthTypes enum namePEthSocket
fakeMacHeader (defined in PEthSocket)PEthSocket [protected]
FileExists enum valuePChannel
FilterAllMulticast enum valuePEthSocket
FilterBroadcast enum valuePEthSocket
FilterDirected enum valuePEthSocket
FilterMask enum namePEthSocket
filterMask (defined in PEthSocket)PEthSocket [protected]
FilterMulticast enum valuePEthSocket
FilterPromiscuous enum valuePEthSocket
filterType (defined in PEthSocket)PEthSocket [protected]
GetAddress(Address &addr)PEthSocket
GetBaseReadChannel() const PChannel [virtual]
GetBaseWriteChannel() const PChannel [virtual]
GetClass(unsigned=0) const PObject [inline, virtual]
GetErrorCode(ErrorGroup group=NumErrorGroups) const PChannel
GetErrorNumber(ErrorGroup group=NumErrorGroups) const PChannel
GetErrorText(ErrorGroup group=NumErrorGroups) const PChannel [virtual]
GetErrorText(Errors lastError, int osError=0)PChannel [static]
GetFilter(unsigned &mask, WORD &type)PEthSocket
GetHandle() const PChannel
GetIpAddress(PIPSocket::Address &addr)PEthSocket
GetIpAddress(PIPSocket::Address &addr, PIPSocket::Address &netMask)PEthSocket
GetLastReadCount() const PChannel [virtual]
GetLastWriteCount() const PChannel [virtual]
GetName() const PChannel [virtual]
GetNameByProtocol(WORD proto)PSocket [static]
GetOption(int option, int &value, int level=SOL_SOCKET)PSocket
GetOption(int option, void *valuePtr, PINDEX valueSize, int level=SOL_SOCKET)PSocket
GetPort() const PSocket
GetPortByService(const PString &service) const PSocket [virtual]
GetPortByService(const char *protocol, const PString &service)PSocket [static]
GetProtocolByName(const PString &name)PSocket [static]
GetProtocolName() const PEthSocket [protected, virtual]
GetReadTimeout() const PChannel
GetService() const PSocket
GetServiceByPort(WORD port) const PSocket [virtual]
GetServiceByPort(const char *protocol, WORD port)PSocket [static]
GetWriteTimeout() const PChannel
GreaterThan enum value (defined in PObject)PObject
HashFunction() const PChannel [virtual]
Host2Net(WORD v)PSocket [inline, static]
Host2Net(DWORD v)PSocket [inline, static]
InternalIsDescendant(const char *clsName) const PObject [inline, virtual]
Interrupted enum valuePChannel
ipppInterface (defined in PEthSocket)PEthSocket [protected]
IsClass(const char *cls) const (defined in PObject)PObject [inline]
IsOpen() const PChannel [virtual]
lastErrorCodePChannel [protected]
lastErrorNumberPChannel [protected]
LastGeneralError enum valuePChannel
lastReadCountPChannel [protected]
LastReadError enum valuePChannel
lastWriteCountPChannel [protected]
LastWriteError enum valuePChannel
LessThan enum value (defined in PObject)PObject
Listen(unsigned queueSize=5, WORD port=0, Reusability reuse=AddressIsExclusive)PEthSocket [virtual]
macAddress (defined in PEthSocket)PEthSocket [protected]
medium (defined in PEthSocket)PEthSocket [protected]
Medium802_3 enum valuePEthSocket
MediumLoop enum valuePEthSocket
MediumTypes enum namePEthSocket
MediumUnknown enum valuePEthSocket
MediumWan enum valuePEthSocket
Miscellaneous enum valuePChannel
Net2Host(WORD v)PSocket [inline, static]
Net2Host(DWORD v)PSocket [inline, static]
NoError enum value (defined in PChannel)PChannel
NoMemory enum valuePChannel
NotFound enum valuePChannel
NotOpen enum valuePChannel
NumErrorGroups enum value (defined in PChannel)PChannel
NumMediumTypes enum value (defined in PEthSocket)PEthSocket
NumNormalisedErrors enum value (defined in PChannel)PChannel
OnReadComplete(void *buf, PINDEX len)PChannel [virtual]
OnWriteComplete(const void *buf, PINDEX len)PChannel [virtual]
OpenSocket() (defined in PEthSocket)PEthSocket [protected, virtual]
operator!=(const PObject &obj) const PObject [inline]
operator<(const PObject &obj) const PObject [inline]
operator<<(ostream &strm, const PObject &obj)PObject [friend]
operator<=(const PObject &obj) const PObject [inline]
operator=(const PChannel &) (defined in PChannel)PChannel [protected]
operator==(const PObject &obj) const PObject [inline]
operator>(const PObject &obj) const PObject [inline]
operator>=(const PObject &obj) const PObject [inline]
operator>>(istream &strm, PObject &obj)PObject [friend]
os_accept(PSocket &listener, struct sockaddr *addr, PINDEX *size) (defined in PSocket)PSocket [protected]
os_close() (defined in PSocket)PSocket [protected]
os_connect(struct sockaddr *sin, PINDEX size) (defined in PSocket)PSocket [protected]
os_handlePChannel [protected]
os_recvfrom(void *buf, PINDEX len, int flags, struct sockaddr *from, PINDEX *fromlen) (defined in PSocket)PSocket [protected]
os_sendto(const void *buf, PINDEX len, int flags, struct sockaddr *to, PINDEX tolen) (defined in PSocket)PSocket [protected]
os_socket(int af, int type, int proto) (defined in PSocket)PSocket [protected]
PChannel(const PChannel &) (defined in PChannel)PChannel [protected]
PCLASSINFO(PEthSocket, PSocket) (defined in PEthSocket)PEthSocket [private]
PEthSocket(PINDEX nReadBuffers=8, PINDEX nWriteBuffers=1, PINDEX size=1514)PEthSocket
PObject()PObject [inline, protected]
portPSocket [protected]
PrintOn(ostream &strm) const PObject [virtual]
ProtocolFailure enum valuePChannel
PSocket() (defined in PSocket)PSocket [protected]
px_lastBlockType (defined in PChannel)PChannel [protected]
px_readThread (defined in PChannel)PChannel [protected]
px_selectMutex (defined in PChannel)PChannel [protected]
px_selectThread (defined in PChannel)PChannel [protected]
px_threadMutex (defined in PChannel)PChannel [protected]
px_writeMutex (defined in PChannel)PChannel [protected]
px_writeThread (defined in PChannel)PChannel [protected]
PXAcceptBlock enum value (defined in PChannel)PChannel
PXBlockType enum name (defined in PChannel)PChannel
PXClose() (defined in PChannel)PChannel [protected]
PXConnectBlock enum value (defined in PChannel)PChannel
PXReadBlock enum value (defined in PChannel)PChannel
PXSetIOBlock(PXBlockType type, const PTimeInterval &timeout) (defined in PChannel)PChannel [protected]
PXWriteBlock enum value (defined in PChannel)PChannel
Read(void *buf, PINDEX len)PEthSocket [virtual]
PChannel::Read(const VectorOfSlice &slices)PChannel [virtual]
ReadAsync(void *buf, PINDEX len)PChannel [virtual]
ReadBlock(void *buf, PINDEX len)PChannel
ReadChar()PChannel [virtual]
ReadCharWithTimeout(PTimeInterval &timeout)PChannel [protected]
ReadFrom(istream &strm)PObject [virtual]
ReadPacket(PBYTEArray &buffer, Address &dest, Address &src, WORD &type, PINDEX &len, BYTE *&payload)PEthSocket
ReadString(PINDEX len)PChannel
readTimeoutPChannel [protected]
ReceiveCommandString(int nextChar, const PString &reply, PINDEX &pos, PINDEX start) (defined in PChannel)PChannel [protected]
Reusability enum namePSocket
Select(PSocket &sock1, PSocket &sock2)PSocket [static]
Select(PSocket &sock1, PSocket &sock2, const PTimeInterval &timeout)PSocket [static]
Select(SelectList &read)PSocket [static]
Select(SelectList &read, const PTimeInterval &timeout)PSocket [static]
Select(SelectList &read, SelectList &write)PSocket [static]
Select(SelectList &read, SelectList &write, const PTimeInterval &timeout)PSocket [static]
Select(SelectList &read, SelectList &write, SelectList &except)PSocket [static]
Select(SelectList &read, SelectList &write, SelectList &except, const PTimeInterval &timeout)PSocket [static]
SendCommandString(const PString &command)PChannel
SetBufferSize(PINDEX newSize)PChannel
SetErrorValues(Errors errorCode, int osError, ErrorGroup group=LastGeneralError)PChannel [protected]
SetFilter(unsigned mask, WORD type=TypeAll)PEthSocket
SetOption(int option, int value, int level=SOL_SOCKET)PSocket
SetOption(int option, const void *valuePtr, PINDEX valueSize, int level=SOL_SOCKET)PSocket
SetPort(WORD port)PSocket
SetPort(const PString &service)PSocket
SetReadTimeout(const PTimeInterval &time)PChannel
SetWriteTimeout(const PTimeInterval &time)PChannel
Shutdown(ShutdownValue option)PSocket [virtual]
ShutdownRead enum value (defined in PChannel)PChannel
ShutdownReadAndWrite enum value (defined in PChannel)PChannel
ShutdownValue enum name (defined in PChannel)PChannel
ShutdownWrite enum value (defined in PChannel)PChannel
Timeout enum valuePChannel
TypeAARP enum valuePEthSocket
TypeAll enum valuePEthSocket
TypeARP enum valuePEthSocket
TypeAtalk enum valuePEthSocket
TypeIP enum valuePEthSocket
TypeIPv6 enum valuePEthSocket
TypeIPX enum valuePEthSocket
TypeX25 enum valuePEthSocket
VectorOfSlice typedef (defined in PChannel)PChannel
Write(const void *buf, PINDEX len)PEthSocket [virtual]
PSocket::Write(const VectorOfSlice &slices)PChannel [virtual]
WriteAsync(const void *buf, PINDEX len)PChannel [virtual]
WriteChar(int c)PChannel
WriteString(const PString &str)PChannel
writeTimeoutPChannel [protected]
~PObject() (defined in PObject)PObject [inline, virtual]
~PSocket() (defined in PSocket)PSocket

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