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PDirectory Member List

This is the complete list of members for PDirectory, including all inherited members.

AsInt64(unsigned base=10) const PString
AsInteger(unsigned base=10) const PString
AsReal() const PString
AsUCS2() const PString
AsUnsigned(unsigned base=10) const PString
AsUnsigned64(unsigned base=10) const PString
Basic enum value (defined in PString)PString
Change() const PDirectory
Change(const PString &path)PDirectory [static]
Clone() const PString [virtual]
Close()PDirectory [virtual]
Compare(const PObject &obj) const PString [virtual]
Construct() (defined in PDirectory)PDirectory [protected]
ConversionType enum name (defined in PString)PString
Create(int perm=PFileInfo::DefaultDirPerms) const PDirectory
Create(const PString &p, int perm=PFileInfo::DefaultDirPerms)PDirectory [static]
Decimal enum value (defined in PString)PString
Delete(PINDEX start, PINDEX len)PString
Destruct() (defined in PDirectory)PDirectory [inline, protected]
directory (defined in PDirectory)PDirectory [protected]
Empty()PString [static]
entryBuffer (defined in PDirectory)PDirectory [protected]
entryInfo (defined in PDirectory)PDirectory [protected]
Exists() const PDirectory
Exists(const PString &path)PDirectory [static]
Exponent enum value (defined in PString)PString
Find(char ch, PINDEX offset=0) const PString
Find(const PString &str, PINDEX offset=0) const PString
Find(const char *cstr, PINDEX offset=0) const PString
FindLast(char ch, PINDEX offset=P_MAX_INDEX) const PString
FindLast(const PString &str, PINDEX offset=P_MAX_INDEX) const PString
FindLast(const char *cstr, PINDEX offset=P_MAX_INDEX) const PString
FindOneOf(const PString &set, PINDEX offset=0) const PString
FindOneOf(const char *cset, PINDEX offset=0) const PString
FindRegEx(const PRegularExpression &regex, PINDEX offset=0) const PString
FindRegEx(const PRegularExpression &regex, PINDEX &pos, PINDEX &len, PINDEX offset=0, PINDEX maxPos=P_MAX_INDEX) const PString
GetEntryName() const PDirectory [virtual]
GetInfo(PFileInfo &info) const PDirectory [virtual]
GetLength() const PString
GetParent() const PDirectory
GetPath() const PDirectory
GetRoot() const PDirectory
GetVolume() const PDirectory
GetVolumeSpace(PInt64 &total, PInt64 &free, DWORD &clusterSize) const PDirectory
HashFunction() const PString [virtual]
InternalCompare(PINDEX offset, char c) const (defined in PString)PString [protected, virtual]
InternalCompare(PINDEX offset, PINDEX length, const char *cstr) const (defined in PString)PString [protected, virtual]
InternalFromUCS2(const WORD *ptr, PINDEX len) (defined in PString)PString [protected]
IsEmpty() const PString [virtual]
IsRoot() const PDirectory
IsSeparator(char ch)PDirectory [static]
IsSubDir() const PDirectory [virtual]
Left(PINDEX len) const PString
LeftTrim() const PString
Lines() const PString
Literal enum value (defined in PString)PString
MakeEmpty()PString [virtual]
MakeUnique()PString [virtual]
Mid(PINDEX start, PINDEX len=P_MAX_INDEX) const PString
NumCompare(const PString &str, PINDEX count=P_MAX_INDEX, PINDEX offset=0) const PString
NumCompare(const char *cstr, PINDEX count=P_MAX_INDEX, PINDEX offset=0) const PString
NumConversionTypes enum value (defined in PString)PString
Open(int scanMask=PFileInfo::AllFiles)PDirectory [virtual]
operator &(const PString &str) const PString
operator &(const char *cstr) const PString
operator &(char ch) const PString
operator &(const char *cstr, const PString &str)PString [friend]
operator &(char ch, const PString &str)PString [friend]
operator &=(const PString &str)PString
operator &=(const char *cstr)PString
operator &=(char ch)PString
operator const unsigned char *() const PString
operator!() const PString
operator!=(const PObject &str) const PString
operator!=(const char *cstr) const PString
operator()(PINDEX start, PINDEX end) const PString
operator*=(const PString &str) const PString
operator*=(const char *cstr) const PString
operator+(const PString &str) const PString
operator+(const char *cstr) const PString
operator+(char ch) const PString
operator+(const char *cstr, const PString &str)PString [friend]
operator+(char c, const PString &str)PString [friend]
operator+=(const PString &str)PString
operator+=(const char *cstr)PString
operator+=(char ch)PString
operator<(const PObject &str) const PString
operator<(const char *cstr) const PString
operator<=(const PObject &str) const PString
operator<=(const char *cstr) const PString
operator=(const PString &pathname)PDirectory
operator=(const char *cpathname)PDirectory
PString::operator=(char ch)PString
PString::operator=(short n)PString
PString::operator=(unsigned short n)PString
PString::operator=(int n)PString
PString::operator=(unsigned int n)PString
PString::operator=(long n)PString
PString::operator=(unsigned long n)PString
PString::operator=(PInt64 n)PString
PString::operator=(PUInt64 n)PString
operator==(const PObject &str) const PString
operator==(const char *cstr) const PString
operator>(const PObject &str) const PString
operator>(const char *cstr) const PString
operator>=(const PObject &str) const PString
operator>=(const char *cstr) const PString
Pascal enum value (defined in PString)PString
PCONTAINERINFO(PDirectory, PFilePathString) (defined in PDirectory)PDirectory [private]
PDirectory(const char *cpathname)PDirectory
PDirectory(const PString &pathname)PDirectory
Printf enum value (defined in PString)PString
PrintOn(ostream &strm) const PString [virtual]
psprintf(const char *cfmt,...)PString [friend]
PString(const PString &str)PString
PString(const std::string &str)PString
PString(const char *cstr)PString
PString(const WORD *ustr)PString
PString(const char *cstr, PINDEX len)PString
PString(const WORD *ustr, PINDEX len)PString
PString(const PWORDArray &ustr)PString
PString(char ch)PString
PString(short n)PString
PString(unsigned short n)PString
PString(int n)PString
PString(unsigned int n)PString
PString(long n)PString
PString(unsigned long n)PString
PString(PInt64 n)PString
PString(PUInt64 n)PString
PString(ConversionType type, const char *str,...)PString
PString(ConversionType type, long value, unsigned base=10)PString
PString(ConversionType type, double value, unsigned places)PString
PString(int dummy, const PString *str) (defined in PString)PString [protected]
pvsprintf(const char *cfmt, va_list args)PString [friend]
pvsprintf(const PString &fmt, va_list args)PString [friend]
ReadFrom(istream &strm)PString [virtual]
Remove(const PString &path)PDirectory [static]
Replace(const PString &target, const PString &subs, BOOL all=FALSE, PINDEX offset=0)PString
Restart(int scanMask=PFileInfo::AllFiles)PDirectory [virtual]
Right(PINDEX len) const PString
RightTrim() const PString
scanMaskPDirectory [protected]
SetSize(PINDEX newSize)PString [virtual]
Signed enum value (defined in PString)PString
Splice(const PString &str, PINDEX pos, PINDEX len=0)PString
Splice(const char *cstr, PINDEX pos, PINDEX len=0)PString
sprintf(const char *cfmt,...)PString
Tokenise(const PString &separators, BOOL onePerSeparator=TRUE) const PString
Tokenise(const char *cseparators, BOOL onePerSeparator=TRUE) const PString
ToLiteral() const PString
ToLower() const PString
ToPascal() const PString
ToUpper() const PString
Trim() const PString
Unsigned enum value (defined in PString)PString
vsprintf(const PString &fmt, va_list args)PString
vsprintf(const char *cfmt, va_list args)PString

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