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BOOL PChannel::SetErrorValues ( Errors  errorCode,
int  osError,
ErrorGroup  group = LastGeneralError 
) [protected, inherited]

Set error values to those specified. Return TRUE if errorCode is NoError, FALSE otherwise

errorCode  Error code to translate.
osError  OS error number to translate.
group  Error group to set

Definition at line 678 of file pchannel.cxx.

References PChannel::lastErrorCode, and PChannel::lastErrorNumber.

Referenced by PEthSocket::Connect(), PChannel::ConvertOSError(), PEthSocket::EnumIpAddress(), PEthSocket::GetAddress(), PEthSocket::GetFilter(), PEthSocket::GetMedium(), PICMPSocket::Ping(), PEthSocket::Read(), PQueueChannel::Read(), PInternetProtocol::ReadResponse(), PHTTPClient::ReadResponse(), PEthSocket::SetFilter(), PEthSocket::Write(), and PQueueChannel::Write().

  lastErrorCode[NumErrorGroups] = lastErrorCode[group] = errorCode;
  lastErrorNumber[NumErrorGroups] = lastErrorNumber[group] = errorNum;
  return errorCode == NoError;

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