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PVideoInputDevice * PVideoInputDevice::CreateOpenedDevice ( const PString driverName,
const PString deviceName,
BOOL  startImmediate = TRUE,
PPluginManager pluginMgr = NULL 
) [static, inherited]

Create an opened video input device that corresponds to the specified names. If the driverName parameter is an empty string or "*" then CreateDeviceByName is used with the deviceName parameter which is assumed to be a value returned from GetDriversDeviceNames().

driverNameName of driver
deviceNameName of device
startImmediateImmediately start grabbing
pluginMgrPlug in manager, use default if NULL

Definition at line 1237 of file videoio.cxx.

References PString::IsEmpty(), and PVideoInputDevice::Open().

  PVideoInputDevice * device;
  if (driverName.IsEmpty() || driverName == "*")
    device = CreateDeviceByName(deviceName, pluginMgr);
    device = CreateDevice(driverName, pluginMgr);

  if (device != NULL && device->Open(deviceName, startImmediate))
    return device;

  delete device;
  return NULL;

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