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BOOL PVideoInputDevice_VideoForWindows::Stop (  ) [virtual]

Stop the video device I/O capture.

Implements PVideoDevice.

Definition at line 700 of file vfw.cxx.

References PVideoDevice::GetLastError(), IsCapturing(), IsOpen(), and PSemaphore::Wait().

Referenced by Close(), SetColourFormat(), SetFrameRate(), SetFrameSize(), and TestAllFormats().

  if (!IsCapturing())
    return FALSE;
  isCapturingNow = FALSE;
  return IsOpen() && frameAvailable.Wait(1000);
  if (capCaptureStop(hCaptureWindow))
    return TRUE;

  lastError = ::GetLastError();
  PTRACE(1, "PVidInp\tcapCaptureStop: failed - " << lastError);
  return FALSE;

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