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BOOL PVideoInputDevice_V4L::SetChannel ( int  channelNumber ) [virtual]

Set the video channel to be used on the device. The channel number is an integer from 0 to GetNumChannels()-1. The special value of -1 will find the first working channel number.

Default behaviour sets the value of the channelNumber variable and then returns TRUE.

Reimplemented from PVideoDevice.

Definition at line 839 of file vidinput_v4l.cxx.

References PVideoDevice::SetChannel().

Referenced by SetVideoFormat().

  if (!PVideoDevice::SetChannel(newChannel))
    return FALSE;

  // get channel information (to check if channel is valid)
  struct video_channel channel;
  channel.channel = channelNumber;
  if (::ioctl(videoFd, VIDIOCGCHAN, &channel) < 0) {
    PTRACE(1,"VideoInputDevice:: Get info on channel " << channelNumber << " failed : "<< ::strerror(errno));    
    return FALSE;
  // set channel information
  channel.channel = channelNumber;

  // set the information
  if (::ioctl(videoFd, VIDIOCSCHAN, &channel) < 0) {
    PTRACE(1,"VideoInputDevice:: Set info on channel " << channelNumber << " failed : "<< ::strerror(errno));    
    return FALSE;
  return TRUE;

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